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Top Places To Visit in Gabala

1. Tufandag mountain resort
For skiing enthusiasts tired of the traditional slopes, Azerbaijan’s two ski resorts in the Caucasus Mountains are a spectacular change of scenery. The one at Tufandag, just 4 kilometers from Gabala city center, offers 12 kilometers of slopes, with a mix of challenging reds and blacks for experts and easy options for beginners. The slopes are kitted out with state-of-the-art snow guns and accessed by a network of cable cars, which offer gorgeous views of the Caucasus Mountains. There’s also a ski school and a range of accommodation options including several luxury and upper-mid level hotels. In summer visitors can enjoy plenty of outdoor adventures, from hiking and cycling to paragliding and jeep tours. There is also a Cable Car which lets you go up to the higher picks and explore the beauty of the mountains and nature from up.

2. Gabala Shooting Club
Gabala Shooting Club is a part of the Gabala Sports Club, a world-class facility that prepares the athletes for the national teams of Azerbaijan in shooting, boxing, karate, taekwondo, soccer, and judo. The reason behind building the club was to develop a multi-purpose and world-class shooting facility in Azerbaijan that can serve both as a recreational and entertainment center, and as a training place for the national shooting team and international professionals, as well as to promote the shooting as a sport in national level. Gabala Shooting Club, where the tourists and professional athletes can have a rest and train shooting skills, can test eight sporting ranges, five combined ranges for stand shooting, three rifle halls, and an archery shooting pitch. There are also ranges for night shooting, paintball, and strike ball.

3. Gabala “Seven Beauty” (“Yeddi Gozel”) Waterfall
This mountainous waterfall flowing from the highest peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and locates in Vandam village of Gabala. The name of the Seven Beauties (Yeddi Gozal) Waterfall originates from the name of the 7 mountain roads that should pass to reach the waterfall. As the waterfall is completely frozen in the winter, it gets harder to get here. But in spring and summer, tea houses are available on every mountain road, where the guests are offered a tea set with traditional types of Gabala jam. At the highest point of the waterfall, there is a tea house with a special wooden mattress where you can drink tea with the pleasant sound and scenery of the waterfall in the background. The water of the tea is taken from the waterfall and gives a unique taste to it.

4. Gabala amusement park
Gabaland is the largest theme park in the open air in Azerbaijan and in the region and a favorite destination both for foreign guests coming to Gabala and local people. Entertainment and leisure park is intended both for adults and children. The park is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Gabala and is open all year round. In the entertainment center Gabaland there are interesting attractions for all age categories – from small children (4 years) to adults. Over 50 attractions are functioning in the entertainment center.

5. Nohurlake
Eye-catching Lake Nohur with the magnificent view of the Caucasus Mountains, fresh air, and water is one of the most picturesque places of Gabala. The visitors are amazed by the beauty of Lake Nohur. The quiet atmosphere and bird sounds create an ideal relaxation environment to escape from the noise of the city. Although swimming in the lake is prohibited (the lake is also used as a reservoir and provides drinking water for Gabala and surrounding regions), it is a perfect place for fishing. You can also take a boat and catamaran ride and enjoy the surrounding landscape. Gabala Chenot Hotel is located on the northern coast of the lake.